Thursday, 15 March 2018

Benefits of Pre-engineering buildings systems

Pre-engineering of metal buildings can be optimized to meet specific design criteria. Purpose built buildings such as Hangers for aircraft, Warehouses, Manufacturing and Repair facilities, captive power plants, cold storages, office buildings, hospitals, living shelters etc.  need roof-slung facilities and utilities imposing localized loads on to the building structure. In automotive manufacturing plants, high altitude living shelters and cold storages, considerable economies have been registered by such optimized designs.  Installation of this type of roofing & cladding system can provide 30 years or more of trouble-free service in most environments.

Benefits of Pre-engineering buildings systems in Noida:
  •     Optimised design of steel reducing weight
  •     Easy future expansion/modification
  •     Voluminous space (up to 60M clear spans, 30 M eave heights)
  •     Weather proof.
  •     No fire hazards
  •     International  Quality Standards
  •     Seismic & Wind pressure resistant.
  •     Quality design,  manufacturing  and erection
  •     Quick delivery and Quick turn-key construction.
  •     Architectural versatality
  •     Energy efficient roof and wall system using Rockwool & PUF insulation.
  •     Water-tight roofs & wall coverings
  •     Pre-painted and has low maintenance requirement.
  •     Easy integration of all construction materials
  •     Erection of the building is fast.
  •     The building can be dismantled and relocated easily.
  •     Future extensions can be easily accommodated without much hassle.

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